Violet Earrings with a Bow - Silver

Almost like earrings from ancient Greece. A little more decorative than usual. Perhaps Neo-rococo...

The length with the adjustable chain is around 50mm.

Ag 925/1000 5.70g
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Category: EARRINGS

Violet Collection

Once again, this most popular collection of springtime violet flowers was created during my nature walks. You will probably not find a more typical flower for spring than the sweet violet (Latin, viola odorata), commonly known in Czech as the “fialka” (violet), one of the first to bloom in the spring, just after the snowdrop and snowflake flowers. It beckons with its wonderful fragrance and beautiful color. I longed to capture its beautiful articulated shape and rounded petals. The delicate, beautifully scented sweet violet, the popularly known “fialka,” has been a symbol of love since time immemorial. According to the language of flowers, a white flower is an expression of secret love, a blue one symbolizes true love, and a gift from a lover in the form of a yellow flower says, “Let's get married before our youth fades away.”

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