Tulip Ring - Silver, Olivine

A delicate tulip flower as an ornament for your finger.
Inside it hides magical olivine, which is used as a protective amulet, calming and quieting the nerves and helping with peaceful sleep. Instead of olivine, you can also order a different color of interior stone, such as amethyst, moonstone, or hand-cut rose quartz. Please, however, always address the changes when making your order. Prices may vary. Do not forget to write the size of the ring in the order. The best way to find out is by measuring with us, or at a goldsmith's shop.

Ag 925/1000 2.73 g

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A collection of natural blossoms, where you will find wild strawberry flowers, tulip buds and a lotus flower. The Flores Collection is a celebration of the beauty of flowers and their colors. Some flowers are set with precious stones that enhance their colorful sparkle. For example, in the case of the Lotus Ring, the crystal is set in an unusual fashion with the tip up, which completes the shape of the bud. For the Tulip Ring, you will find unusual stones with pastel shades, such as Ethiopian opal, moonstone or rose quartz.

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