Eye of the Forests Ring - White Gold, Emerald

An engagement ring, a personal talisman whose shape resembles a stump in a clearing in the forest.
This exceptional piece in a combination of white gold and emerald will not leave anyone cold.
Perhaps also because the emerald is a symbol of love and protection and ensures physical and mental balance.

Au 585/1000 6.5g

On request
Code: 444
39 000 Kč
Category: RINGS
prstenzeleny041b sq

My wedding collection came about through the discovery of a pipevine (Latin, aristolochia) leaf. Pipevine is a vine that grows here with gigantic leaves having a very detailed structure. I made use of this structure as the ornamentation on my first engagement rings in the Aristolochia Classic Collection. In the subsequent Aristolochia Side Collection, I placed the structure only on the side of the ring, thus making the ornamentation more refined. Over time, my collections, through experiments in casting lichen and tree twigs, eased their way into irregular shapes and a greater rawness. You can find these new types of rings in the Lust for Eden Collection, for example, which works with the theme of imperfection. For all wedding rings, you can choose a cut diamond with a classic setting, or another precious or semi-precious stone in a rough, uncut state.

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