Linden Necklace - Silver

The linden as a symbol of aid, protection and love.
An age old witness to history, and a majestic ornament of cities and landscapes.

Ag 925/1000 9g

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Tilia Collection

The Tilia (linden) Collection is inspired by the shape of the akenes of the little-leaf linden tree with their spherical seeds. In this instance, nature is geometricized, with the akenes stylized in the clean minimalist shape of an ellipse, while the small spheres are made of gold, silver or pearls. This collection was created at the behest of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for whom I designed representational gift items in the form of necklaces with linden motifs. The spheres in this case were in the tricolor of the Czech flag. I continued to work with this shape, and Tilia was born. In 2013, I was nominated for the prestigious Czech Grand Design award in the Jewelry of the Year category for this collection.

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