Thuja Blossom Earrings - Rose Gold

We all know thujas well, but of course few know what is hidden underneath :) -- that they can also be beautiful.

With a transformation in rose gold, the blossom of this inconspicuous, resistant plant acquires a completely new character.

The cone /flower/ at the end measures about 1 cm and is completely light and airy. The wire forms a spiral with a diameter of approximately two cm.

The earrings can be worn in a number of ways, but the best is when the earrings are inserted into the ear hole from the back. The whole earring balances so beautifully and stays in the ear even without the closure.

We provide a cap to make sure the earring doesn't get lost, say, in the winter due to wearing a scarf.

material: gold Au 585/1000

weight: 5g

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Code: 841
Category: EARRINGS

The collection came about during my wanderings among the villas in Bubenč, where I began to notice thuja hedges. Common bushes that we don't pay much attention to can be beautiful in detail. I noticed the beautiful structure of the twigs of these inconspicuous shrubs, as well as their tiny cones. Cast in precious metal, the cone turned into a flower and the twig began to resemble a fern. With a silver or gold transformation, the flower and leaf of this inconspicuous, hearty plant assumes a completely new character. Something ordinary acquires luster and beauty in the form of jewelry. By the way, do you know that the arborvitae (thuja occidentalis) was the first plant that was brought to Europe after the discovery of the Americas? This happened in 1536.

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