Heart Flower Earrings (Hooked) - Silver

Hearts, for Valentine's Day, for example.

The earrings are soldered from two hollow parts, and thanks to this they are not too heavy.

They gently sway on hooks. We provide special rubber caps.

The size is 16-18 mm.

Ag 925/1000 4g


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Category: DICENTRA

Dicentra Collection

The beautiful heart flower, though originally from Asia, is a typical flower from our grandmothers' gardens. In nature, you can find it blooming in pink or white. The English nickname it Lady in a Bath or Bleeding Heart. It is refined, touching. In this collection, I work with a closed as well as an open heart flower, into which I insert teardrop stones, or let a veil of chains fall from it. I complete the collection with stone beads.

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