Stonecrop Earrings - Gold

The stonecrop, one of the hardiest of all rock garden plants, represents strength and resilience.
Rendered in gold earrings, it represents gentleness, beauty and attention to detail.

material: goldAu 585/1000

weight: 5g

On request
Code: 782

Crassulaceae Collection

The source of inspiration for the Crassulaceae Collection are succulents (Latin, plantae crassulaceae, i.e., succulent plants). Their fragility and indomitable strength to persevere in inhospitable conditions speaks volumes about the nature of us humans. Collections inspired by the plant kingdom are like a peephole into nature, offering a glimpse into the natural world. The jewels transform their wearers into gardeners, able to cultivate life-giving connections with nature within the organism of the city, or that of a purely human community.

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