Leaf Cut Bracelet - Silver, Leather

There is beauty in simplicity. The structure of the pipevine leaf, as if carved into a minimalist bracelet, only confirms this.
Fine silver makes the uniqueness of the jewelry stand out.

material: silver Ag 925/1000, leather

weight: 39g

On request
Code: 330
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The Aristolochia Collection is one of my first collections. It originated through my discovery of a leaf from the pipevine (Latin, aristolochia), a vine that grows here with gigantic leaves having a very detailed structure. I made use of this structure as the ornamentation on my wedding rings in the Aristolochia Classic Collection. In the subsequent Aristolochia Side Collection, I placed the structure of the leaf only on the side of the ring, thus making the ornamentation more refined. Over time, I began to create earrings and bracelets with this leaf structure as well.

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